Information And Policies

  1. Rent is payable by mail or in person on your renewal date each month.  Any rent not received within five (5) days of your renewal date is subject to a late fee of $15.00. A $25.00 service charge will be assessed on all returned checks.  RENT IS NOT PRORATED – the rental period is month to month.
  1. Parking/Traffic:  Please drive slowly through the property. Drivers are responsible for any damage caused by their vehicles.  Do not block passage of other vehicles while loading or unloading or block access to any other unit.  Do not back up directly to units (parallel park only).
  1. Insurance: The items stored in your unit are NOT INSURED by A & A Storage. The facility will not be held responsible for any loss or damage.  We strongly recommend that you insure your goods.  We can provide you with information about insurance providing self-storage coverage.  Your homeowner’s/renter’s policy may offer coverage while you are storing your goods.  Units must be locked. You can provide your own lock, or we have locks for sale when available. Our cut lock fee is $10.00.
  2. Rates:
    A & A Storage reserves the right to make rate adjustments as deemed necessary.
  3. Prohibitions: Firearms, flammables (including gasoline, kerosene and propane), toxic chemicals, cleaning supplies, hazardous waste, illegal substances, food, explosives and poisons are prohibited storage items.  No business may be conducted from the storage unit. Car/vehicle maintenance is prohibited.
  4. Pets and small children: Pets are not permitted on the property as insecticides are used for pest control.  For their child (s) safety, please keep children under close supervision at all times.
  1. Moving Out of Your Unit: Notify the office within (10) ten days prior to “Moving Out” of your storage unit so the manager can schedule a walk through inspection after you have moved out. This will also prevent an unexpected charge that may be applied to your account. A storage unit left untidy will result in a $25.00 charge to the tenant of that unit if the unit is not broom swept and all trash and / or debris is not removed. Payment for all charges will be due within one month of the “Move Out” Date!